Expert Tennis Elbow Treatment in Austin, TX

Tennis elbow and other chronic or acute elbow pain can arise from various conditions and activities. Causes can range from typical ones like tendinitis and arthritis to more uncommon reasons like fractures. The key to effective treatment lies in deploying the right techniques tailored to each unique cause.

At Dynamic Sports Medicine in Austin, TX, we set the highest standard in recovery, injury prevention, rehab, and physical performance. We use cutting-edge methods to relieve tennis elbow pain and restore your capacity to meet your everyday activities and goals.

Tennis elbow is a frequent issue among people who are involved in sports or repetitive motion activities. Occupations like plumbers, carpenters, and cooks are also at an increased risk of experiencing debilitating elbow pain. Don’t let this pain impede your pace; reach out to our experienced team for a comprehensive treatment solution. For an in-depth understanding of managing this condition, especially for sports enthusiasts, check out our Chiropractic Care Guide for Tennis Players.

Male tennis player on the court, suffering from elbow pain while holding a racquet

Female tennis player receiving Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy for tennis elbow at a physiotherapy clinic

How to Recognize And Treat Elbow Pain

Is professional help required for your tennis elbow pain? These signs suggest you should consult a medical professional:

  • Dull, persistent ache
  • Pain when opening or closing your hand
  • Soreness around the elbow
  • Difficulty holding or gripping items

Tennis elbow, often resulting from complications in areas like shoulder or arm muscles, can also be caused by overusing, performing incorrect movements, or using inappropriate sports equipment. Despite the root cause, our experienced professionals provide top-tier tennis elbow treatments and a variety of techniques. We dedicate ourselves to help you regain your strength, resuming everyday activities swiftly.

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